Frequently Asked Questions
Nortrade is your employer and will pay your salary and taxes in Norway. Nortrade has a second contract regarding you with our collaborating restaurant/hotel.
No. You do not have to pay for them.
As a citizen of any EU/EEZ country, you do not need a work permit to work in Norway, but you do need to get a Norwegian personal number and tax card. Nortrade arranges all necessary documentation for obtaining them.
Yes, you can have some free periods to go to your home country or your family can visit you as well.
In most cases it is free.
You have 1 free meal during a work day longer than 7,5 hours.
It is not compulsory, but you can open a bank account in Norway after receiving a Norwegian D-nr. You can receive your salary in your current account in EUR as well.
A monthly minimum of 160 hours is guaranteed by Nortrade.
You need to have enough money to pay for your meals while not working. If necessary, Nortrade can disburse an advanced salary payment for up to 500 EUR after the first 10 days in Norway. You can pay for everything by card (supermarkets, bus tickets, train, clothing, etc.)
It is not necessary. You can use your phone number to make calls to your country, but we recommend fixing roaming charges with your phone company before departure.
As you pay taxes in Norway, you get access to Norway's medical system which is NOT free for anyone. You will have to cover your medical costs (each visit to the doctor costs a fixed fee, other expenses are covered by the state). In case you have private insurance, you must inform the doctor about it.
In Norway.
You can go back to your home country or you can inform Nortrade that you would like to continue working in Norway and the company will try offering you a new workplace.