There can be various reasons why to use employee rental services:

The advantages of using staff leasing services include:

The main aspects for the client to cooperate on staff leasing:

Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is a progress;
Working together is a success.

H. Ford

From the moment the client initially contacts Nortrade, the following steps ensue: 

  1. After deciding to lease staff from Nortrade, a cooperation agreement about staff leasing is signed with the client.
  2. Together with the client, a detailed list of requirements for the candidate is made. A position description is created as well that is as thorough as possible.
  3. Nortrade uses both its internal channels, including Nortrade’s database with more than 3000 chefs and waiters, and, if necessary, also advertisements to start the selection process of the most suitable candidate. 
  4. The client gets 2-3 CVs and descriptions of candidates who, in our opinion, best fit the specified requirements. Nortrade conducts interviews, checks language skills, and collects references. The candidate’s professional knowledge and skills are also evaluated by professional, experienced head chefs.
  5. If the client decides to contact a candidate, Nortrade arranges a phone call.
  6. Once the client has familiarized himself with information about potential candidates and selected the most suitable, Nortrade organizes the employee starting his/her work at the client’s workplace within a specified date.
  7. Before the employee's arrival, the client receives information about the employee and the details and time of arrival.
  8. The invoice for the services is issued once a month for the previous month, based on provided number of hours.